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Campione Testing takes pride in delivering quality services and continuing to display  dependability.

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Long Branch, NJ 07740

Phone # 732-443-0070

 Campione Testing INC

Provides the following:

 Research & Development

 New technologies

 Quality  Coordinators

 Quarry Technicians

 NY/NJ/PA Asphalt Lab Technicians

 Asphalt Lab Technician  Assistants

 Asphalt Plant Ticket Inspectors

 Expert Consulting

 Engineering Services

 Coring Services

 Nuclear Density Testing

 Field Calibrations
HMA Mix Designing

 High Performance Mix Designing

 Testing & Analysis of an Extensive Material  Spectrum


Our Projects

Campione Testing has a clear objective to produce and distribute asphalt expert services and testing. These services have been developed with a core focus on addressing the key customer problems with the most efficient solutions. Campione Testing is focused on the needs of our customers. As the specifications and practices continue to change, the need for new and unutilized technology becomes essential. Through experiences with our customers we have come to realize the key customer problem is the need for delivering continued expert services and coordinating all divisions including outside parties during and after the education of applied technologies.


About Us

Campione Testing delivers value to the asphalt industry by providing total services from start to finish. One of the values is placing the building blocks to assure the reputation of not just our clients, but the type of industry that is evolving. In order to deliver on this value proposition, we developed new technologies and will host renowned expert leaders. This capability has taken considerable time and resources to develop and form the cornerstone of our competitive advantage. This is done as we research and develop new technologies which prove to be profitable and increases efficiency. As a result, our customers begin the integration of new technologies simultaneously with our provided ongoing services. We emphasize a core symbiotic value towards our customers. We will accomplish this by using this platform of services & technologies to assure stability of products and profit for all parties. Our key is the versatility of integrated services with contractors and elevated cooperation with the agencies as well as third parties.

Campione Testing evaluates and adapts project plans while collecting and analyzing data to consistently increase the efficiency. We direct the  enhancement  of services to support the ongoing growth within the laboratory allowing them to evolve together.

We offer many High Performance  lab services conforming to AASHTO, ASTM standards.

Our team consists of:

Engineers, Experts Consultants, Certified NICET,  New Jersey SAT level 1, level 2 Plant Technologists, SAT Certified Paving Technologists, Certified Density Operators, New Jersey & New York QA/QC Certified Inspectors & Technicians, Mix design specialists and extends to a variety of highly qualified professionals working together with our team.